Business development

Business development

PJ Maa Partners assists companies in business development and growth. With the aid of an externals experts company is able to gain new perspective in enhancing growth as well as creating different ways to develop and boost its business. The aim is to develop the business comprehensively, with the starting point in the wants and needs of the owners. Throughout the years, our experts have taken part in developing hundreds of Finnish companies. Our customers are SMEs from a whole range of industries who are driven by growth and development.

Our service always starts with the customer’s need and a genuine focus on solving the company’s challenges. We always go through the beginning stage together with the company free of charge. The themes of the business development plans vary from company to company, although typical themes include:


  • Growth plan
  • Development plan
  • Financial planning
  • Business growth
  • Profitability development
  • Sales development
  • Service productization
  • Process development.

The first meeting is always free of charge as we want to lower the threshold when opening the conversation with an external expert.

PJ Maa Partners is a service provider for Business Finland’s Innovation Voucher. We aim to link business development services to support possible mergers and acquisitions although we also assist in growth and development without a connection of ownership and funding arrangements.